Providing Professional Accounts Payable Recovery Auditing Services

Accounts Payable Recovery Auditing and Services

About Our Company

 Macsim & Associates Inc (MSA) is an experienced Accounts Payable Recovery Auditing firm in the U.S.A  founded in 1999. We have become a potent force in identifying and recovering lost profit for many companies. We provide this service on a contingency fee basis at no cost to your company. MSA employees take great pride in their work. Our professional standards are exceeded only by our commitment to our clients.  This dedication has established our reputation as an effective profit recovery resource.  Companies are moving towards extensive internal controls and implementing sophisticated software systems to reduce losses caused by duplicate payments, overpayments, missed discounts and related errors.  But these measures do not guarantee against continued losses.  Fortunately, we offer a solution to profit loss created by accounts payable errors.